Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Trucks and Narnia

Part 1-Truck Story

For some reason even though we have very little trafic around here, huge trucks are always driving by.  Actually, honking by. 

Weird honks too. Like "dila dila de doo" and just plain deep, long "hooooooooonk".
We live around a corner at the bottom of a hill, so I guess these truck driver guys just think somebody's gonna be walking around the corner so they decide to honk. Reallly loud too. But they even honk at night. Weird, eh? Maybe they just like honking waking everybody up. 

Okay, let me get on to the story. I was sleeping with Heidi in my room, but after over a month of staying in the same bed looking at the same things it gets bad. So Mom suggested I move to the guest house, now that the Brotens are gone. (Don't Moms have the best ideas or what?!) This morning I moved into the guest house, which is very little (just like a room), and guess where it is? Right on the corner of the house. No, not on the corner next to the quiet fig grove, but the one right by the road. Actually the bedroom wall is connected to the huge wall that surrounds our house. (All 'nice' Egyption houses have walls around them.) 

So the window looks out onto the road. This morning I was sleeping trying to sleep, and this huge truck comes down the hill. "dila dila dee doo" and "hooooonk" at the same time. 
I was getting very fusterated at these trucks so I yelled, "Hey! Cut it out!" (I couldn't help it.)

The huge trucks stops. (Oops) It stops for a minute (It seems like ten) then the driver shouts something that I can't understand. And "dila dila dee doo" it moves on again. 

*sighs of relief* 

Alright, it wasn't this big, the trucks actually look like a big wagon with rugs on top, I can't really explain it. Sorry.
Part 2-Narnia

I'm obsessed with the movies. (I've always really liked the books, too.) Since 
I've been sick I watched the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe the other day (on youtube), and Prince Caspian today. I'd never actually read Prince Caspian, I started it when I was little but it was too confusing so I stopped. We have like four of the seven books, and I really really want to read the Final Battle! I uploaded a few of my favorite pictures last night. Here they are! 

I like Peter the most out of the four. Not 'like love' him or anything, he's just always been my favorite character. He's always in the lead like I am. He did really make a lot of mistakes in Prince Caspian, but I suppose it was a little much to be leader over a whole army.

I think the movie went a little too far on how the good guys beat the bad guys so easily, but oh well.

Susan is okay, I mean she's nice and can shoot arrows well, but I wasn't so sure when she kissed Prince Caspian, I don't think that's in the book, but I wouldn't know...anyways, I like her better than him. 

Okay, Edmund does get better in the next movie. "Kill 'em all, Ed!" :D

And what about Lucy? I like her about as much as Peter. She seems to always be perfect though. But Lucy is a special character, I think. C.S. Lewis might of meant her to be the main character. 

Here are just a few more favorites.

Sweet, huh?

You can tell I like war ones, right? :D

That's all for now, we still don't know what I have though I'm on a different medicine that might help.

In Christ,

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  1. I'm sorry that's happening! We don't have many trucks going by our house.
    I think I like the Prince Caspian movie best (minus the kiss :P). My favorite character in it is Edmund, but my favorite character in the first one is Lucy. She's so cute!

    I'll be praying for you. I hope they find out what's wrong so that they can diagnose it.

    Abby :D


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