Friday, October 22, 2010

Silliness and Blog Design

Which should I tell about first? The new design blog or silliness? 
Okay, silliness first. 

Anna and I were going to participate in a modest fashion event, but the internet didn't work for two days, so even though we took pictures it was too late to enter. I went through the pictures and tried not to laugh (out loud?):

This is Anna, trying to act like a fashion model. She always does that then laughs. I don't understand why she even tries to be like a fashion model.

More of her childishness:

Okay, alright, Anna wasn't the only one being silly. In fact, there are only three of her being silly, and I think mine were all silly. Maybe I shouldn't have worn overalls for a modest fashion day event. But that's what I used to wear on the farm and I kinda miss wearing them sometimes.

I think I was pretending I was on a horse or something....

Okay, now that you've seen our silliness, you probably want to know about the new design blog, right? Well, we haven't got it set up all the way, but I think today I'm going to open it. Click on the button below to learn more about it. (Sorry this button isn't the 'real' button, I have one more like the button on my sidebar. We still haven't decided on which button to use.)


So, do you like my new look? I'm still working on my new blog button, but that will be up soon.

About me being sick, we got whole wheat yesterday and I'm eating whole wheat bread now. Prayers that a better diet would stop the stomach pains would be great.

Next time I post I'll try to show pictures of the land around here.

That's all for now!



  1. Love the new blog design!! Did you do it your self!?

  2. Aw! I hope you get better! LOL Great pics!

  3. I'll be praying that you feel better soon :)


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