Monday, October 25, 2010

Photo Shoot of Petra

I was feeling a little better today, so I got some pictures of Petra. I had a few of her eyes for a photography contest, but they turned out blurry. 

Sorry about the date thing on the side, Anna's camera does that. I need to ask her if I can change the settings, but I might never get around to it. :D

Her head got cut off in this one. hehe

Then she wanted me to take pictures of her flowers....

Look at her face! :) 

I designed three blogs this week. Mine and two others. I liked the way Zara's turned out best! I enjoy doing winter designs I guess:

Do you think I could get a little job designing when I get older? Some people sell theirs for like $100! Though I probably wouldn't charge that much.

Right now my designs are free, so if you want something go to the button on my sidebar!

Mom wants me to eat something.

Your sis in Christ,


  1. Hi Kendra, thanks for commenting on my blog. I didn't use a tutorial for the floating header, but I will email you how I did it.

  2. awww! She is a very cute girl! =)

    Awesome design. Kendra! =D


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