Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Name...

Okay...I'm going to get a new blog design, that will be really nice. Yes, this one is nice, and I like it. But it's just not me, I think it's too girly or something. 

But...I'd really like to know, should I change my name? Ismikendra means "my name is Kendra" in Arabic, and it's okay but I don't think it really fits. Here are your choices:

1. Keep it the same
2. "Serving Him in Foreign Lands"
3. "Following Him"
4. "Striving to be like Jesus"
5. The Adventures of a Missionary Kid

I'll set up a new poll, since I just found out "Under African Skies" has already been taken. And that's too bad. I was going to use that, JESSICA!  Just kidding, don't worry I won't hack into your blog and change it or anything. :D

That's all for now...I'm feeling a bit better, but I'm still the same. That didn't make a bit of sense. Oh well, I don't always make sense, you'll have to figure that one out.

Here are a few things I'm missing right now...

Bonnie's not a thing (you can tell), but I miss her...I got to talk to her on the phone the other night. Guess what? That's the ONLY time I've ever talked to her on the phone. Yeah, we aren't that kind of friends, the chitter chatter makeup ones. :D Whatever.

And I miss...anything GREEN! That's why my new blog design is going to has LOTS of green in it! Trees...don't take them for granted! Though everybody's talking about fall right now. All I get to see is dust, dust, dust. Okay, stop acting like an Israelite living in Egypt. (Hey, part of that IS true....)

The complainer,



  1. I like #2, although I think your current name is great. :D I'm glad you got to talk to your friend. How have you been feeling lately?

    Abby :D

  2. I think you should keep your blog name, it is unique! :)

  3. I love your current blog name for the same reason as Shelley. =) Also because it sounds really neat! But I do understand if you're wanting some change. I get bored after having the same thing for awhile too. ;) So, my second choice would be #4!

    -- Taylor

  4. You're going to not real find it easy to hack in my blog since the password is completely random. LOL :D Nice Pics! God Bless you,


  5. I think you should keep it the same! I admit, I voted for "Under African Skies", but maybe you could do "Under Egyptian Skies". *shrugs shoulders*



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