Thursday, September 23, 2010

Update-I'm getting tired of calling it that!

Today everybody but me (I'm still sick but getting better), Anna (she had a cough), Petra (she had a cough), Mom, and the baby, Nehemiah, went to the beach this morning. I've been only once but it was great! I guess half the crew stayed, which is bigger than normal. I'll show pictures of the beach when I go next and feel better!

Remember I was counting my blessings?
Here I go!
#31 We got here safely
#32 The internet works-sometimes
#33 The electricity works most of the time
#34 Only 10% of the people in this house are sick.
#25 I can watch movies
#36 We have FOUR laptops!
#37 We have a good sized yard
#38 A fig tree!
#39 Most of the time we have clean water

Well, I'm feeling tired again and Anna is begging her head off to get the laptop, so I'd better go.

Your Sister in Christ,
Kendra Lynne
PS: Sorry that my blog looks so messy, I had to change it because I couldn't stand that dark color!

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  1. Oh! how sweet of you! to give me the prize if you win! Thank you Kendra!!!

    How do you like it in Eygypt?? I miss you talking with you too (through letters)! Do you have Skype??? If so, I would love to skype with you!!! It would be so fun!!


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