Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blog Party--Day Three


Really I should be already done with this blog party, but things are busy with us moving to Egypt in three weeks, so it's actually more than one week. 

Today's project: Take pictures of your family (sleeping or not)

Here are mine:

Petra (age 4)
Heidi (age 6)

Mom, please don't get mad at me!!!
Henry (age 3)
Samuel (age 12)
Dad, he woke up as soon as the flash went off.
Max (age 9)
Anna, she was awake. Visit her blog here:


Megan made it real cool. 

Oh, I completely forgot about Nehemiah!
I'll just get one from earlier, since his was in his bed, really asleep and I didn't want to wake him up. :D
Here he is, but he looks like he's 6. Really he's only about 15 months. 

Well, enter your link here, and if you're new to the blog party, make sure you scroll down for the tag and fill that in, then you can do the other entries! And there's prizes, too!

This will be closed soon so make sure you enter! It is now closed, now more entries allowed except AK's!
Abby is hosting a photography contest, here are my entries!
You can enter here: http://jesusrules13.blogspot.com/


  1. Sweet pictures, Kendra. Unfortunately, I do not think my family would appreciate my posting a picture of them for the whole world to see, so I think I will not be participating in this activity. And I do not have any siblings living with me:)
    Love from Your Sister in Christ,

  2. I posted about it.............
    ANNA Kiser


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