Monday, August 9, 2010

Blog Party--Day Four

If you haven't entered, click HERE, you must before you do this!

Day Four-
Post a few pictures of your room! We can't visit each other, but we can take pictures!

 My bookshelf, lots of my books aren't here since we've already packed them.
My posters, I couldn't get the picture to turn around!
My bed I share with Petra.
Our closets, sorry my camera doesn't take good pictures inside!
Inside my closet. 

Now enter your link below!Closed, only Grace and Anna (AK)

Make sure you enter today, it will probably be closed tomorrow!
Love in Christ,

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  1. Kendra, I'm at my grandparent's house right now and can't post pictures of my room at home, could I post pictures of my room at my grandparent's house?


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