Thursday, July 29, 2010


We're giving this computer away to the Marcums, one of my best friend's family, actually the whole family is best friends with them all. :-D So it's our 'Best Friend Family'. We'll be sad to leave them when we go to Egypt.

Anyways, I have to get all the pictures off this computer so here they are:
All the kids in the leaves, Sep 2009
Our tree - house!
A dead fish we found. :-D
Petra's fourth birthday, isn't she cute?
 Now we're putting ketchup on the dead fish an eating it with forks. 
Petra again, I made it look like it was panted with this thing on our computer.
The pond, Spring 2010. Isn't it nice?
The hill to Mr. Hodge's house. Spring 2010
Max's wood pile, Spring 2010
Samuel and his woodpile. Do you see my shadow?
Spring 2010, Dad at the Creation Museum, isn't he scarier than the giant behind him? Too bad he doesn't know what's about to chop his head off. :-D
Mom with Nehemiah at the Creation Museum. Spring 2010
Our garden before, you should see what it's like now! Spring 2010
Mr. Greenwell's tractor that he used to plow our garden! 
The pretty tree outside our fence. Spring 2010
Watch out for Max!!! Spring 2010
Anna cooking, Spring 2010
Don't look at this picture!!! I just want a good picture of my teeth before I got braces, you know 'before and after' pictures. 
Our calves before we sold them. 
Petra at the Creation Museum.
Adam and Eve at the Creation Museum. :-D
I really like these wax figures, these are Noah's sons wives.
The internet keeps crashing because of this big post with pictures, so I'll have another post coming right after this.
In Jesus,

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