Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Okay, I just uploaded all my pictures off my new camera onto our computer! Hopefully they don't take up as much memory as Mom's do, and I'll put pictures on my blog more!
 Good! It goes MUCH faster!! Yay! This is Nehemiah. (I took it on purpose black and white)
 Smile buddy!
 Okay, you're probably getting tired of seeing him, so here's....
 Henry on the tractor. (he's in love with tractors)
But he's NOT in love with Petra. (She's trying to kiss him.)

 I like this big bell in front of our house. (only I'm dying to ring it, we're not allowed to because it annoys the neighbors)
 Facing it the other way.
 A sweet pea or something in my garden.
 And the fence by our house.
 More 'sweet peas'
 Lambs ears. Sorry, I didn't take the time to turn it around. )-:
 Abby (one of the girls at FCA camp)
 Watch out, she loves to spit coke at you! She spit it all over me and Audrey. (Well, we DID make her laugh while she was drinking it....)
 My sun-flower. Henry broke off the top today so hopefully it will live through it.
 The cornfield! (That I got lost in the other day. Don't laugh, it wasn't funny,I didn't know where I was going!)
 More lambs-ears. I'm getting tired of putting pictures up here, and I have to do math. I'm trying to get through 40 lessons of math before August 20th. How many here think I can finish it before then? I've got a poll on the side of my blog, vote to so I can see what you guys think! :-D

Got to go do that ol' MATH!!
Your sis in Christ,

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