Saturday, July 31, 2010

My first....BLOG PARTY!


Finally I'm hosting my blog party!

Well, to start I've made up a tag, just to get to know everybody!

1. How old are you? 13

2. What is your favorite song? "In Christ Alone"

3. What is your favorite sport/exercise? Basketball, running, and riding my bike

4. How long have you been blogging? October 2009, but I never really blogged until this winter and spring

5. What would you do for a million dollars? Go off a huge zip-line over a lake

6. If you could have dinner with someone famous, who would it be? Jesus Christ

7. Sweet, Salty, or both? Both!

8. Which sense would you choose to give up, scent, sound, touch, taste, or sight? taste

9. In what store would you like to spend the night? a bookstore

10. What super power would most like to have? to fly!

If you've answered those and posted the answers on your blog put you link here:You may enter in a comment now if you are new!

And here are the...prizes!

Stationary kit! (sorry the picture isn't very good)
We are going to Egypt this coming month, so you could win an Egypt kit! A book mark and two pieces of Egyptian stationary.
An American Girl magazine! We have been receiving AG's magazine for almost two years, and we are leaving end of August for Egypt, so I've decided to change the address and the last magazine to the winner of this prize! You might actually get two magazines, it depends on if the September magazine comes before August 28
A pair of earrings from:


If you fill out the tag above and put your link in the linky thing, you will be entered for a random drawing for EACH of these prizes!

For extra entries:

Post about it on your blog, with pictures of the prizes: 3 extra entries!

Add the blog party button to your blog: 1 extra entry!

Add my regular blog button to your blog: 2 extra entries, or if you already have it on your blog: 3 extra entries!

Follow me: 1 extra entry!

Follow and get 1 extra entry, 2 if you already follow 

Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!
Make your own banner at MyBannerMaker.com!

Follow 'Cool Jewels Jewelry', 1 extra entry

You could have ten entries if you do them all! Comment and give me the link of you blog for the extra entries!

Also, most of you who've done a Blog Party before know that for one week the person who's hosting the party gives you chances to earn more entries, like if you post five pictures on your blog you get one extra entry, but since we're moving to Egypt August 28, I don't really have a 'free' week before we move. Like this Monday some friends are coming over to spend the day and on Thursday we're going to our Grandparent's for the weekend. Some days I might skip, I'll still do six days but it'll be next week. So you might have more time to enter, but to be safe you might want to enter the same day I give you the chance. I just want to make sure this is clear so if you don't understand just comment!


1. You must live in the USA, sorry to some bloggers!

2. Have fun!


  1. your blog button is on my blog.
    3 entrys!
    Anna K

  2. When does this end??? I want to enter soooooooooooo bad, but I'm not sure if this is ended or not. Please email me at rkhipps@hotmail.com. Thanks

  3. Hey I did the entry wrong the first time... Whoops! I love your blog!

  4. The tag will be on my blog tonight. that's a good idea to delete some, though!

  5. I posted about it on my blog {with pictures}--3 entries

    I added the party button to my blog--1 entry

    Your regular blog button was already on my blog--3 entries

    I follow you--1 entry

    I now follow Kendra's Krazy Krafts--1 entry

    Cool jewels is my blog... so I guess that counts for--1 entry

    total: 10 extra entries! :)


  6. Kendra,
    Can I fill out the tag on a comment on your blog? I don't usually do tags on my blog, and I just wrote a really long post that I kind of want to keep as the first post on my blog for a little while. So, would that be ok with you? Please comment on my blog with your answer.Thanks :).
    Rachel Grace

  7. I entered finally!! I posted about it! http://gracesgardenwalk.blogspot.com/2010/08/kendras-blog-party-days-1-2.html

  8. I put your blog party button on my blog!

  9. Your button is on my page listed "Blogs I Enjoy"

  10. And I follow you! Thanks for the little reminders to join your party! Sorry it has taken me so long! :)
    Love From Your Sister in Christ,

  11. Ok Kendra,
    I've finally found time to do the tag! So here goes:
    1. 14
    2.Oh, lot's of favorite songs. Some of my favorites are "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" and "In Christ Alone"
    3.Bike riding and just playing outside.
    4. A little bit more than a year.
    5.I don't know!!!
    6.C.S. Lewis
    7.Sweet. Definitelly.
    8.Taste too.
    9.Bookstore too!!! Yea, go books!!!
    10.Obviously to fly!
    Have a wonderful day Kendra!
    Rachel Grace

  12. I am following your craft blog!
    Anna Kiser


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