Sunday, July 18, 2010

More thoughts on my Blog Party

I've been talking/posting a lot on my blog party. I've thought about it this week and because Mom is still recovering from her surgery, we've been staying at our Grandparents' house, switching on and off. This week I'm going to stay with Mom's parents, Papa and Grammy, and maybe next week I'm going to stay with Dad's parents, Pa and Gran-pat. So I won't be able to host the blog party this week, or probably the next. I'm thinking of hosting the Blog Party the first week of August, or the next. 

I'm excited! I've got five people that will do my blog party, at least for now! 
Here's what a Blog Party is, for those of you who don't know. I'm going to post everyday for one week, and let's say I write, "post a favorite recipe". You all comment and give your link and that will give you one entry in the blog party. There will be a random drawing and prizes at the end of the week. All week long you will have chances to earn entries for the drawing. Does it sound fun or what?! 

The only problem is I'm not sure I'll have a 'free' week with nothing going on. Next month we are moving to Egypt, permanently. Well, August 28 is the date we're flying out. I can't wait!!!

If you've added my blog party button to your blog please just tell people that my blog party hasn't started yet. Or you can just take it off until it really begins.

I'm going to go work on Math (that's what I get for being home-schooled),
Your sister in Christ,

PS: I'm excited, I've got 24 followers already!


  1. I might be interested in doing your blog party!

    You are moving to Egypt? That is SO cool! I have always wanted to see Egypt!

    Allison Elizabeth♥

  2. That sounds like so much fun! Count me in! :D

    Wow! Egypt! That's amazing! You'll have to post pictures. :)



  3. Hi there-
    I would love to enter your party, but my posts might be a bit sporadic, as I can be kinda busy. But I am willing to enter!


  4. Hello Kendra,
    You can click on the follow button on the top of the page on my blog... the little strip at the VERY top of the page to be exact!
    Many blessings,
    Rachel Grace


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