Friday, July 30, 2010

More Pictures, and more, and more

Here are more. I'm not really putting these on here for you all to have to look at and comment on, but we're giving this computer away so I have to store the pictures somewhere 'safe'. :-D
Enjoy them thought. 
Samuel jumping across the creek. Isn't this a cool picture? Spring 2010
 This was the same day we did that photo shoot, and this is our driveway. Summer 2010
 I got a bit tired of the photo shoot after a while...my brothers thought it so funny to expect me to smile, then this face just came out. Summer 2010
 Smile! Summer 2010
 Anna with the giveaway purse she won.
 Me on the computer. Fall 2009
 The whole family! Spring 2010
 Summer 2009

That's all! I'll be posting about my blog party soon, it's going to be really different because we're REALLY busy with moving to Egypt next month!
Love in Jesus,

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