Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Many things....(-:

Thank you all for praying for my mother's surgery! She is at home now, and getting over everything. She can't pick up Nehemiah~
for four weeks, nor run for four months. )-: Poor Mom but she is still joyful! I love you, Mom!
You all might be very excited when I tell you this. I'm going to be hosting a blog party if I have enough people to do it!


Sounds fun, right? I had a bit of trouble figuring all that HTML stuff out, but now I'm fine. I didn't create the blog button, though. Megan from "Fun Time Design"did. If you ever need anything done just ask her. Her stuff is awesome.

Back to the blog party, if I hosted one how many of you would do it? Just wondering cause I've got these prizes and I don't want to not have enough people.

Free AG magazine
Stationary Kit
Egypt something?

I'll probably have much more but I've just got those now. I will try not to host the blog party till I have 100 posts and 50 followers. I have 21 followers now, so I might only make it 40 or something, but for now, I will not host my blog party until those things are done! And also, comment if you WILL do the blog party, if there's a week where you are gone on vacation just tell me and so I can plan which week! If at least TEN people comment I will host the blog party!
Johanna is hosting an awesome giveaway!

Here are the things she is giving:

A lamp-light

 Two patterns, the top one has fabric with it
 And earrings

There will be four winners, I hope I win one of the dress patterns, my mom and sisters love to sew!

Love in Jesus,


  1. Nice blog Kendra l like it
    Have a good day

  2. I will join your blog party! :)


    p.s. thanks for saying you like the stuff I design... sometimes I wonder if anyone likes it. :)

  3. Your blog party sounds fun. I will definitely post about it after my 100th post, but I am saving that one until my 100th follower. I will, however, post your button on my sidebar.
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!


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