Friday, July 16, 2010


Samuel sleeping (we had the flash on, I can’t believe he actually slept through all that)

The Monopoly game

Samuel happy to get money (as always)

The flashlight in the tree

The other day I got some letters in the mail! 
From Grace (she sent some lavender too!)

From Johanna

From Bonnie

If anyone wants to write me in the mail just email me @ ismikendra@gmail.com, and I’ll get your address or the other way around.  I don’t write love letters so boys; don’t ask for my address, I’ll give you my sisters’ if you do.
I’ve got to be careful about entering giveaways.  The other day I posted about Johanna’s giveaway and I forgot we were leaving for Egypt on the day her giveaway ended.  (-: I don’t think most people will ship to Egypt.  LOL
Also, check out my new pages!  I’ve got a photography one that I’m still adding to, and a Story one that’s got LOTS of stories on it.  I’m going to add more there too.  I didn’t get any comments on my blog party post, so if you see this go down below to see!  I’m also adding a poll, but I will still only host the blog party if I get at least 10 comments, and 40 followers.  If no one comments I’ll probably just do a post about the blog party because that will attract more people.  (-:
So stay tuned!
In Jesus Christ the Savior of the World,


  1. Oh, those look like lovely surprises! I love getting mail!
    I <3 your blog; I've enjoyed reading through the archives! :)

  2. I'm glad you liked the lavender. It looks like it was all dried when you received it!


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