Friday, July 9, 2010

Giveaway, Fort, Pictures?

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Well, you guys are probably going crazy about this  post.

So, our parents decided we could spend the NIGHT at the fort (a half mile at least from the house), without a tent, and maybe a few coyotes hanging about. Of course we didn't tell Heidi that, or even think about coyotes that second, but that night all we were thinking about was coyotes. And air conditioning, too.
I'm getting ahead of myself. We went crazy and packed the big blue tarp, toilet paper, a pillow and sheet for each of us (except for Anna, which was amazing because she packed extra changes of clothes, soap, bug-spray (a good thing), a candle and much more), batteries, flashlights, granola for breakfast (Samuel and I wouldn't forget that!), and cookies Anna made.
I brought my camera too but I'll show pictures later, since Anna AGAIN just now is coming over saying "two minutes, then you're off and I'm on!" 
I'll show them later! And tell the rest!
(-; (-:


  1. Has your sister Anna sent my prize yet?

    I have not got it yet and it was quite a while ago that I won it... hopefully it did not get lost in the mail :(

    Thanks, you can reply back on my blog.

  2. i am hannah sister,do you want to be penpals?

  3. Hello Kendra,
    My email is zaramayross@fsmail.net


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