Sunday, July 11, 2010


Okay, you all are probably thinking, “How many times does Kendra have to stop in the middle of her post?!”  Well just ask Anna.  Right, Anna? 
So we went down to the fort, set the blue tarp out and decided the three oldest, Samuel (12), Anna (10), and I would sleep out on that in the open, while Max (9) and Heidi (6) could sleep inside the fort.  Don’t get me wrong, the fort is better than sleeping out in the open.  So since they were the youngest we let them sleep in there.  Thankfully I had brought the couch cushions from the back porch, so we had something to sleep on besides the bare ground under the tarp. Then we played Monopoly, which was a little 'subnormal' for camping, but it was fun. Then it got too dark to play Monopoly, so Max and Heidi went in their little "room" in the fort while us older ones crashed on the cushions. Well, not really did we go to sleep. In fact we laid their for about 1 hour. Then that's when we heard coyotes. Max and Heidi came running over to us, even though they were safer in the 'walls of the great fort'. We weren't in any danger. The coyotes must of been miles from us but they still heard them, so yeah. :-D Then Anna started screaming because she thought she saw two coyotes in under a tree. She said, "Kendra, let's all yell, and maybe they'll go away!" So we yelled and that made Heidi cry but oh well. 
Anna: "Kendra, the two coyotes just ducked! See! Now they're up again!" (Screaming)
Kendra: "Good grief. I didn't see anything go down. And please, will you stop screaming in my face?"
 Anna: "Kendra, I have to go home! Plleeeaassee come with me!"
Kendra: "I would but I'm not so sure I'd like to walk half a mile at 11:00 at night."
Anna: "But I'll be with you!!"
Kendra: "Not when I have to go home after I've dropped you off. Max, can you go with us?"
Max: "Yeah..."
Kendra: "You have to promise not to want to stay beg to stay home once Anna's there. I'm NOT walking home all alone."
Heidi: "I wanna be with Kendra!"
Samuel: "Then I'll be here by myself!"
Anna: "Listen, let's all go home to a warm bed--"
Kendra: "Warm bed?! It's hot out here! How could you wish that? I'm not turning back. I want to sleep here."
Samuel: "Yeah."
Heidi: "I wanna be with Kendra."
Max: "I think I'll go home. It's scary out here."
Anna: "Me too. I don't see how you can sleep here with coyotes all around. Come on, Max"
So Anna and Max "chickened out". We laid back in our 'beds' with Heidi sleeping with me. Samuel fell right asleep, snoring. Heidi and I could NOT go to sleep. We turned on our flash-lights and went for a walk in the dark. It was cool looking up at the stars. God felt so near to me. I showed her the big dipper and the little dipper. Then we got out my camera and started back to the fort. We took pictures of Samuel sleeping then finally went to sleep ourselves. (I'll show you the pictures later.)
We woke up the next morning at it was really nice to know what was actually around us. We figured out the two coyotes were really two leaves of a bush sticking up. Then we ate granola for breakfast, and Anna and Max came back as if nothing had happened. Then we played another game of Monopoly, and packed up and went home. It was fun and I'd love to do it again!

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  1. Wow, that sounds scary and fun at the same time!

    Abby :D


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