Saturday, June 19, 2010

Long Post...

Well, I think this is going to be a long post. We'll see. :-D

Anyways, I'm not going to be replying from Gmail from now on, I've moved my stuff over to Microsoft Office. It's really nice though I won't be doing chatting and all. Or Google docs. I'll still go over to the Gmail one though and delete the emails that I've replied to so it doesn't get too out of hand when I use a different computer than this one. I'm saving up for a computer so when we move oversees I have one. Well, it'll be a small laptop. Oh, and speaking of all that stuff Grammy bought me a camera!!! Thanks SO much, Grammy! Mom doesn't always enjoy me using her camera all the time so Grammy knew just what to get for--well, just to be nice! :-D And remember when I said I'd post a bunch of pictures from Natural Bridge? Well, Mom's battery is out (I didn't break it lol), so I can't post those till much later and anyways the battery ran out then so I actually didn't get any pictures of Natural Bridge. Just some flowers and stuff at Pa and Gran-Pat's house.  But I've been taking pictures with my new camera so I'll be posting those soon! (unless the computer starts running really ssssllloooowww again)

The other kids went to VBS this week so I got some time to get rid of stuff before moving to Egypt. (AND clean out the fridge) Last time I didn't really care that I was too 'old' to go to VBS but this time it was a bit harder since it was a western one with all the cowboys and I like that stuff so yeah. But I didn't let them know that I was sad. (-: We went last night for the ending thing and they sang really good and then we went out to have s'mores! (my favorite part) Well I'm glad they got to go. 

And...then Friday Nehemiah  (above, he's MUCH bigger now) and I went to Pawpaw's and Grammy's.  If you think that calling my Grandpa 'Pawpaw' is bad then guess what I used to call Grammy? 'The Woman Pawpaw" Yeah. :-D
That was fun! I went on a motorcycle ride with 'Pawpaw' and went to the Insurance place with GRAMMY. (very interesting, huh?) And then Grammy bought me a memory stick too!
Samuel is whispering "granola" in my ear so I guess that means I'd better get it ready for a snack. I've got some awards to do next time and then those pictures too.
Got to go get Samuel that granola,

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