Thursday, May 6, 2010


Again, Megan gave me another chance to add more entries and her's for today was to write a summer poem.  So...here's mine!

"I cannot wait for summer, even though we might not have a break,
mostly because I hate winter, and all that snow and sleet.
I love summer because I love to work in the garden, we already have:
Lettuse, salad, garlic, and maybe one beet.
Even if Becky the dog jumps in the pond,
and gets us all wet.  (Which I think sometimes Becky is a geek.)
Even if the bugs are bad, and when we swim in the creek,
I have to go ahead with a stick to scare away snakes because the other kids are so meek,
Even in this heat I love summer!"

It's not very good, but I was trying to write fast so...yeah. (-:
Looking forward to any comments!

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