Wednesday, May 19, 2010


More pictures...
 We went to the Creation Museum last month...sorry I didn't post the pictures until now. I took them all of the wax people. It was so cool!
Last year...sorry this is so little...and the computer won't let me post anymore...I'll just do it from Facebook then. 

 Why is this so big?! Sorry Max.  Have you noticed that I've said "sorry" under every picture?
Boys. Not Henry, though.

Anna with Nehemiah when he was born.
Proud dish-washer.
Crazy bunch of kids....
Great-Grandma and Neh. (Why does HE have to be in every picture?!)

Petra (-:
Henry the grump
Well, that's all for now and please enter my GIVEAWAY!!!  Click HERE to see more. This is what you're entering for. (I'll just give a hint...)

Oh, and my sister, Anna, just made a blog! I don't think she has posted anything yet..but she's been working on the settings. Click HERE to see it!  And...that's all! 

In Jesus,

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