Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Remember my GIVEAWAY?!  Well, I'm going to give everybody another chance to get more entries, okay? If you want to get more entries, I'll give you a code. Like "14233459" or something.  Then you go and post about it or tell your blogging friends about my giveaway somehow and give them your code. (Like "14233459")  When they enter tell them to use the code and that will give you THREE entries.  The more your friends enter, the more entries you get. If you have any questions, email me @ ismikendra@gmail.com.

If you haven't entered yet, go HERE  rules.  

Anna wants to get on...Good-bye!
In Jesus,
 PS: To get your code just comment and tell me you want one.

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  1. Hello Kendra! Just wanted to say that I recieved your Lovely letter in the mail! Thank you so much, I will write back soon! *wink*

    Love in Jesus,


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