Monday, May 3, 2010

Give Away!!! (Not hosted by me.) (-:

Howdy people!  I checked over at Megan's Blog, and saw that she had a giveaway!  I'm supposed to answer some questions so here they are!
How old are you wand when is your birthday: I'm 13 and my birthday is Feb. the 4th 1997.
What's your favorite color: GREEN!

Do you have any pets: Nope. Just 7 brothers and sisters to play with. Is that enough?

Do you have any siblings: Yup, 4 brothers and 3 sisters.

What's your favorite food:Um...I don't really know...I like most everything. I like corn a lot.

What's your favorite book: I have NO clue. The Bible? I have SO many...
What's your favorite Movie/TV show:We don't have a TV. So I like Anne of Green Gables.

What are your hobbies:A LOT. The outdoors, reading, basketball, school, karate, writing, blogging...
Go over to Megan's blog and you can enter.  She's giving away a lot of stuff. Here's just one thing:

Alrighty! I'm done and I'll tell who wins the contest later this week!

In Jesus,

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