Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Butterflies, Fishing, Photo shoot of me and yard

 (This post is a bit older, but I'll just add the pictures. Just ignore all the 'yesterday' things. (-:)

Well, as I said, I would post a long post.  So here it is. Yesterday I checked on the butterflies (Mom ordered some for us and they just resently hatched so it's been really fun), and I decided to hold one (which probably wasn't a good idea cause the butterfly practically flew everywhere), so here's a picture of it: It flew all the way across the room so then I dropped the camera (not on the floor, Mom) and rushed to catch it. Here is their cage
There are oranges in there so they can drink them. You are supposed to put flowers, but oranges work just fine.

OK, now about the fishing.  Well, I got my bait on and my hook, and all that stuff, and started walking down to the pond.  When I got to the ditch there were all kinds of white rose bushes and they smelled SO good. 

I turned around to look behind the bush-and guess what I saw?? A copper-head snake! (Well, I'm pretty sure it was a copperhead. It had diamonds on it's back.) I didn't get a picture of it, sadly. )-: Here's where it was:
Okay, well anyways, I took a bunch of pictures of the pond: (It's pretty big.)
More: (See our house?)

This willow tree is so cool. Bonnie and I call it the "reader's tree" because it's great to sit under and read. (though I've never done that before. lol)

Cool, huh?

Well, anyways, we went fishing and guess what we caught??? Nothin'  Max took the pictures right here.

Doesn't Anna look like a girl in a magazine or something?
I didn't know Max took this picture.
 Then Anna took some pictures.
Me again.  I know, you're getting bored, we didn't catch anything.
Then I went around the pond (I get bored and loose my patience fast) Here's a wildflower I got.
Some grass by the pond.
That's where a big carp was but he swan away when I came up.
The old spring-house.

I think I'll post another part tomorrow. Oh, well actually I might not since I probably won't be on the computer for a bit.  I think that's all. We just got our Sonlight books for next year so I'm going to go look at them!
In Jesus,


  1. Hello Kendra! :)

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! How neat, I like your blog!

    You mentioned in your comment about a movie about John Bunyan, may I ask what the name of it was? My family and I are always on the lookout for great movies! :)


    Miss Antoinette

    *1 Corinthians 10:31*

  2. I want to tell you, those are beautiful pictures!! They are really amazing! Great job!


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