Monday, April 5, 2010



I hope you like my new theme.  I've been working on it...I think that I might put a picture on the top, but I'm not going to worry about that now.

Well, I've been taking pictures, and here are some.  They never go where I want to.


 Sorry about this one...I didn't take the time to turn it around.

                                          Samuel, the wood choppin' dude!

                                       (Anna likes to take pictures of me when I'm trying to do my school.)
Oh dear! I was going to post a LOT more but the thing is too slow! Oh well, I'll do more later!

I'm going to go work on my other blog. Here

Well, it's real nice here and Dad went to _______ (somewhere in the middle east)  I shouldn't tell.

Mom's back is hurting, please pray for her.  I'm on facebook and I my braces are fine now.

Samuel has been playing "horse" (basketball) with me and Max.  Samuel can beat me, though today he only won by a point.  Boy, do those two need to work on their close shots!  All they do is shoot half court ones.  Then they go nuts we they hit a shot.

Anna has been doing.....everything?  Well, she does a lot of stuff.  All at the same time. Her and Heidi are starting swim lessons soon.  And we've been working on our new garden.

Max loves to watch the part in the Moses movie where all pharaoh's men drown. Over and over again.  I think he memorized it.

Heidi is still sucking her fingers. (Too bad she can't read well enough to read what I just said about her.  She'd be screaming.) (-:

Petra is starting to stop sucking her thumb, for that pink dress hanging up in her room. Also, pray for Petra.  She has a REALLY bad earache that won't go away.

Henry loves tractors, and he threw his (On accident) in the creek.  He'll probably never see it again. )-;

Nehemiah is doing fine, he's going to be ONE in May!!!

Spring has sprung here on the Narrowgate farm, and the trees are so pretty.

Well, I really like your comments and now I have to go!
In Jesus Christ,

Kendra Kiser


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  1. Hi Kendra! Yep, my post changed... I accidentally hit "post" before I meant to!

    Hmm... Anna's blog is on HSB right? It's kind of hard to explain. Maybe you could ask Alison, my sister. (www.homeschoolblogger.com/alizona)



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