Monday, March 22, 2010

Story Contest!!!

Hey all!
I'm having a story contest! Here is the info:
You write a story that has something to do with this picture above. The winner will win a book called "Alone Yet Not Alone". The cover of the book is above.

The Rules:
1. All entries must be entered by April 30, 2010
2. The story can be as long as you want it, but mustn't be over 2,00 words
3. You have to be between ages 6-18 to enter
4. Send your story, name, age, and email address to: ismikendra@gmail.com
5. You've got to be willing to send me your mail address if you win so that I can send you the book.
6. I'll post the winner three days after the ending!
Here's the information about the book at the vision forum website: http://www.visionforum.com/beautifulgirlhood/productdetail.aspx?categoryid=43&page=2&productid=65987

Well, that's all and I hope you win! (Maybe I shouldn't say that, because then that means you all will win!)

Better start writing!

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