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Well, here's more to that other little story. Tell me if it's interesting...if no one likes it, I'll just stop.

Chapter 2~Indians

Andie’s mouth fell open. She and the others gasped and backed up. The biggest Indian picked Charlie up by his shirt. He said something that none of the children could make out. Ethanael clenched his fists. “How dare those Indians hurt my brother!” He waded through the shallow water up to the Indians. With hands shaking and a pounding heart, Ethanael stood up to the Indians and said in a creaky voice, “Let him go! He’s my brother!”

One of the Indians smirked. "Wie denkt u dat u bent? Ieder van u... mannen white uhen meisje met ons gaan!" He said in Native American.

Ethanael looked up at him as if he were crazy. “Huh? What did you say? I speak no Indian. Just white man’s tongue.”

The Indians discussed something together until they urged forward a tall, skinny Indian. He looked at Ethanael and said sharply, “I speak little white man’s tongue. But you and your whole...family of boys...oh, I see a woman, but you are all coming with us. No go home, you hear me? White man take our land and take food. White man bad! You, boy, go gather the rest waiting in the water and do not run away. If you do, you will die. Big die, understand?” Ethanael understood enough to splash through the water and tell the

others, “Guys, these Indians want to kidnap us! We have to escape-“

Mark glared at him, “And leave Charlie up with them?! No way I would leave, even if Charlie is sometimes mean!”

Ethanael blushed with embarrassment at leaving his older brother. He said nothing. Fred suddenly jumped into action, “Boys,” he said, “I know that at your age you are going to want to save Charlie, fight the Indians, and run home. But, well, there are at least five big Indians over there and five kids aren’t....well, we wouldn’t last long with fighting. Besides, those Indians have weapons, and what do we have in our defense? I say we need to obey them for now, and then maybe we’ll have a chance to escape.”

“But-“ Ethanael started, but then he stopped as David gave him a “Obey-your-elders” look.

“Sure.” Said David, “That’s a good idea. We don’t want to-“

“Hurry, you white men! We are waiting!” Shouted the tall Indian from the bank of the creek. “Do you want us to fire our arrows?!”

Fred gathered up the children and called, “No, friend, do not worry. We are coming!” The group splashed through the water once again to the bank. Charlie stood with the Indians, trembling. For once Andie felt sorry for him.

“You,” Said the tall Indian to Fred, “You man, you are too old for us. These children,” He said, pointing to Charlie, Ethanael, Andie, David, and Mark, “Are going with us. They can become Indians like us. But you,” He pointed to Fred, “You cannot become Indian. You too old. The young can marry and be a part of our tribe. We will tie you up to this tree so you cannot follow us. When you do get free, go straight home! If you don’t we will kill all the children, hear me?”

Fred’s face turned red and he glared at the Indian. “I will not allow you to take the children! Take me, I-“

The tall Indian pulled out his spear. “Be quiet! You are staying here, and if you follow us, you all will die! The children are safe with us, we will not harm them.” He and a younger Indian not much older than David grabbed some rope. They made Fred sit down and they tied him tight to a tree.

“Be good.” Fred whispered as they tied him. “Take care of Mark, David. And don’t do anything dumb.”

David nodded, his eyes filling with tears. “God be with you, big brother.”

Fred smiled. “God be with you. You’re the one who...never mind.”

Andie looked at the brothers and realized that they might never see each other again. Andie thought of herself. All her sisters were far away at the creek. Charlie has Ethanael, David has Mark, but who do I have? She looked up at the sky. God. She whispered.

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Here's another little story that I'm writing~don't know if I'll finish it or not.
Tell me who your favorite character is!

Finding Home

By Kendra Kiser

To my Mom, Wendy Kiser

Chapter 1~ Swimming

“Hey,Andie! Want to go swimming?”

Thirteen-year- old Andie Pearl looked up from here multiplication sheet and turned her head. Her neighbor, David Kent, was calling her from the door-way of the Pearl’s small log cabin. Andie looked at her Mother, Ruth, who was stirring the black pot on the fire place.

“Ma?” She called, “May I go swimming with David and whoever else wants to go?”

Mrs. Pearl turned around and looked at her daughter. “Are you finished with your math? You’re way behind in school.”

Andie ignored the comment about being behind in school. “No, ma’am, I’m not finished with it yet, but I’ll finish it tonight.”

Mrs. Pearl nodded. “You may go, hon.” She tossed her long, light brown hair behind her shoulder and mumbled, “Oh, I wish we were living in town. Then my girls could go to school.”

Andie also ignored this comment and grabbed a pair of her fathers’ old pants.

“Comin’, David! Let me just get a few things!” Andie slipped a slice of bread in her pocket for lunch. Then she reached for a towel and raced out of the cabin. There where two other large families living next to the Pearls. Three of the Monroes were there to go swimming, Gilda, Charlie, and Ethanael. And five of the Kents were there, Fred, Patrice, Felicity, David, and Mark. Besides five of Andie’s own sisters, Grace, Joy, Lynnea, Cecily, and Laura. Sixteen-year-old Annabelle Pearl said she was too old for swimming anymore, even though Grace, who was eighteen, still swam.

“Ready to swim?” Asked Grace, as she took hold of little Laura’s hand.

Andie nodded. The oldest of the group, twenty-year-old Fred Kent, took the lead. “Alright, folks! We are going to swim in the creek!” He called. Gilda Monroe and Cecily Pearl giggled. They already knew they were going swimming.

Soon the group was on the well-worn path that lead to the creek. The summer sky was barely seen because the thick green trees covered the path. The sun bet down on the children. Suddenly twelve-year-old Charlie Monroe, who was in the front of the group, yelled, “I see it! I see it! I see the creek! I saw it first!” He danced up and down.

David and Andie rolled their eyes. Charlie Monroe wasn’t their best companion.

David grinned as he saw a regular little ant crawling around in the grass. He shouted, “Charlie! Charlie! Look, I see an ant! I see an ant! I saw it first!” He mimicked.

Charlie blushed at his silliness and shrugged. Then he ran off the large path and into the small one the lead off to the creek. “Beat ya’ll slow pokes!”

Ethanael Monroe, who was ten, tugged on Mark Kent’s shirt. “Let’s race him!” Mark nodded and the two boys took off. The others followed till the creek was in sight. The creek looked so delighting to the children, its cool water flowing into currants and in some areas creating little water falls. In other areas, there were deep still spots, and the water was so clear you could see the little fish darting about.

Charlie, Ethanael, David, and Mark quickly took off their shirts and left their trousers on. Sometimes they didn’t wear any pants, but Grace insisted that they must this time, since there were girls around.

The fifteen-year-old twins, Joy and Lynnea Pearl, waded out with fourteen-year-old Felicity Kent. Eleven-year-old Gilda and Cecily also waded out together. They were “best friends”, since they were the same age and they liked the same things. Grace sat down with Laura, helping her make mud “cakes”. Fred decided to watch the boys, because they wanted to go exploring down the creek and swim at the same time.

“Are you coming, Andie?” Pleaded Mark.

Andie hesitated then realized she had no one else to play with. Grace looked up and smiled. “Go ahead, have fun, Andie.” She said.

Andie grinned at said, “Okay, Mark, I’ll come. Let me just put on these pants.” In a few minutes, she was ready and the boys started to swim. Andie followed and soon she caught up. The children had fun exploring and there were many interesting things to see. But Charlie only raced ahead, calling and yelled that the others were too slow.

“You all are slow!” He yelled, “Slow as molasses! Slow as molasses! Slow as-“

Charlie stopped his meanness and backed up. His face turned white as snow. The others turned their heads to see what he had seen. Was it a snake? Panther? Wolf? They didn’t have to wait long to see what it was. Five big, strong, painted war Indians were suddenly in front of Charlie.

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The story will come tomorrow. We just loaded our pictures for this year so..here they are!

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Okay, I thought I'd show some pictures for a break. These were taken when Anna and I stayed the night at our friends house, the Marcums.
The newest Marcum, Fares.
Bonnie and I at a Chinese new year party.
Mr. Marcum asleep. (I took that picture.)
Vivian took this one.
The whole group at the Chinese new year.
Love in Christ,
Link http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/andicarter/

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Here are two contests I found. I'll post the missionary story NEXT WEEK! (-: I promise.
Does the writing on the post "Happy Birthday" come up? It looks all crazy to me. )-: Anna wrote it, so...I'll have to get her! (-:
Okay to win a book, horse, and pin: http://circlecadventures.blogspot.com/

To win a stationery kit:http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/sevensisters

Hope you win!


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Happy Birthday!