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All right, FINALLY here's more to the story. As you can see, it's changed.

Provision & Protection

December 31


Seven brave children search to save their little sister from the evil dragon, Apollyon.

A story

Virginia shivered. She was cold and hungry. It was dark and smelly in the cave she was living in with her family. How Virginia wished she were home! She could not go home though, because her home was destroyed. The great and powerful dragon, named Apollyon had destroyed it. Apollyon, who had yellow eyes, long shiny teeth, thick green scales, long tail, and fire coming out of its mouth scared the entire village and Virginia. Most people had died of starvation or Apollyon had killed them. Virginia and her family of ten had been fortunate to have at least a cave to stay in and a few pieces of bread. Virginia looked around at the faces of her family in the light of the small fire. She loved them so much. Big brothers Joshua, Justice, Honor, and Providence always protected her when the evil Apollyon stopped by their cave for a “visit”. And big sisters Liberty, Jubilee, and Faith were so loving and kind. Virginia was grateful to have such a good family. Virginia snuggled up tighter where she was sitting in her Daddy’s lap. She always felt safe there.

Virginia was about to fall asleep when Mother turned to big brother Joshua and said, “Joshua, we’re all getting hungry. Would you please serve us some bread from the sack?”

“Yes, Ma’am!” cried Joshua, who jumped up from his worn out blanket. Joshua walked across the room and looked into the bread sack. His face turned white and he said, “Mother, there’s no more bread left.”

Mother’s face turned white, too, in the light of the fire.

Liberty and Jubilee looked at each other and cried, “Oh, whatever shall we do?”

“We shall all die.” said Daddy, sadly and calmly. All eight children were quiet.

Suddenly, a voice, which Virginia knew was Apollyon’s, cried out in an evil way,” Oh, my friends, you shall not die, if only you pay a small price.....”

“He’s just outside the cave!” cried Faith, throwing her arms around Mother.

Joshua, interested, exclaimed “What price shall I pay?”

Apollyon answered slyly, “You can have riches, peace, food, and a beautiful home if you simply give me your smallest child, Virginia.”

Virginia’s eyes opened wide. That mean old Apollyon wanted her! Virginia buried her blond head in Daddy’s lap.

“Never will I hand her to you, Apollyon! Get out of my sight!” Daddy cried.

Apollyon laughed and said,” I shall leave for now my friends, but you shall see me soon.” Virginia heard his wings flapping and his evil laugh as he flew away.

Virginia looked up at Daddy and asked, “You won’t let him take me will you, Daddy?”

Daddy gave Virginia a reassuring smile and said, “No, Darling, I will never let Apollyon have you. Now, you just lay right here next to Faith and sleep.”

Virginia looked up again and whispered, “Goodnight, Daddy.”

Virginia felt a wind as cold as ice. She pulled her thin blanket close to her little body and snuggled up close to Faith. Suddenly, a shadow Virginia had never seen before fell over her. Virginia pulled the blanket over her head as she felt two spiny claws with long nail pick her up. Virginia squirmed but the claws still grasped her. Virginia looked up to see who was holding her and saw that it was Apollyon. Yikes! Virginia pulled the blanket she was still holding over her head. Virginia was about to scream, but Apollyon put one claw to her mouth. Then, still holding Virginia, he carried her out of the cave and into the cold darkness. Once they were a little ways of into the woods, Apollyon sat Virginia down and hissed, “Now, you be a good little girl and don’t cry. I’m not going to hurt you, just keep you in my den.”

Virginia looked up, horrified, and burst into tears. “I wanna go home! Daddy, Mommy, help me!” she wailed, holding her blanket.

Apollyon bent down and whispered in Virginia’s ear, “Your Daddy isn’t going to hear your whining. He’s sleeping.”

That just made little Virginia cry more. Apollyon shook his head and took of flying to his den. When Apollyon reached his den, he walked inside and sat Virginia down. Apollyon turned and lit a candle. Virginia stopped crying and looked around, curious. She had never seen Apollyon’s den before. There were two little jail cells in the corner and a pile of bones in another corner. Virginia winkled her face at the smell and tried to hold back tears. She wanted to go home and be with her family. Virginia twisted one of her pigtails and hugged her little blanket. When he was through with lighting the candle, Apollyon reached up, grabbed a ring of keys, and opened one of the cells. Apollyon held the door open for Virginia and said, “Walk on in here, lest you want trouble.” Virginia sure didn’t want trouble, so she timidly walked in the dim cell. Apollyon smiled and locked the door. Virginia peeked through the medal bars. Virginia bit her lip and tried to be brave. Realizing she couldn’t get out, Virginia turned and lay down on the blanket to sleep. She was tired.

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