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Okay, here's the next part:

Suddenly, a voice, which Faith knew was Apollyon’s, cried out in an evil way,” Oh, my friends, you shall not die, oh, no, if you only pay a very small price.....”

“Mother, he’s just outside the cave!” cried Faith, throwing her arms around Mother.

Joshua, suddenly interested, exclaimed “Oh, what price shall I pay?”

Apollyon answered slyly, “You can have riches, peace, food, and a beautiful home if you simply give me your smallest child, Virginia.”

“Never will I hand her to you, Apollyon! Get out of my sight!” Father cried.

Apollyon laughed and said,” I shall leave for now my dear friends, but you shall see me soon.” Faith heard his wings flapping and his evil laugh as he flew away. Then she buried her head in Mother’s lap.


Justice sat up from his blanket on the floor. “What is that noise?” He thought, standing up. “It sounds like a cry! Why, it’s Virginia crying! But she sounds so far away.” Justice ran to the entrance of the cave and yelled,” Virginia, Virginia!” The cry was gone now. He looked where Virginia slept. She was gone.


Liberty peeked out of the cave and tried to choke back her sobs. Virginia was gone. Everyone in the cave knew Apollyon had her somewhere. Apollyons’ footprints had been seen that morning and there was smoke from his breath also. Liberty would probably never see that sweet little face again. “Unless.......we searched and found her.” thought Liberty, staring out of the cave,”Father and Mother wouldn’t let us go out were Apollyon could get us. Oh, why did Virginia ever have to be taken?” Liberty cried, and then she turned and sat by the fire.


“Father and Mother won’t like it, Joshua. Why don’t we just wait ‘till Father finds us some food and he can leave be himself? ” Liberty asked, whispering, because she didn’t want to wake her parents.

“Listen, Liberty, who knows when Father is going to find food? We need to find Virginia NOW, before Apollyon does something to her!” Joshua said.

“I don’t like the thought of running away to find Virginia. It’s disobeying our parents! Besides it’s awful cold outside and we don’t have food!

As you can see, I changed it up a little. Like the dragon's name and some other stuff.

Thanks to Mrs. Marlow, who is helping me with this story. Here is the link to her blog: www.circlecadventures.blogspot.com

Hope you like it and please tell me what you think should change to make it better!

-Kendra K.

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