Monday, November 23, 2009


Wondering when I'll post that story about the missionary kids? Well, your gonna have to wait.
I'm entering a story contest, and I'm working on that right now. But.......... I'll be posting parts then the whole story that I'm entering in the contest. Below is the first part:

Faith shivered. She was cold and hungry. It was dark and smelly in the cave she was living in with her family. Oh, how Faith wished she was home. She could not though, because her home was destroyed. It was destroyed by the great and powerful dragon, named Satan. Satan who had yellow eyes, long shiny teeth, thick scales, long tail, and fire coming out of its mouth scared the entire village. Most people had died of starvation or of Satan. Faith and her family of ten had been fortunate to have at least a cave to stay in and a few pieces of bread.

Suddenly, Faith’s brother, Joshua interrupted her thoughts. “Mother, we’re out of bread!” he cried. Mother’s face went pale in the light of the fire. “Oh, what ever shall we do?” cried Liberty and Jubilee, Faith’s older sisters. “We shall all die.” said Father, sadly and calmly. The family was silent as they thought of what awaited them.

This might change some later, but I thought you guys would like to see it as it turns into a story.

I'll post more later,

Kendra K.


  1. Hey,
    Tell me what you like about the story and what you think needs to change.

  2. I like your story

  3. I like your new blog banner! Which one of those cute kids are YOU, Kendra?
    ~Love, Andi

  4. Thanks! I'm the one with the blue shirt. (The oldest.)
    -Love, Kendra


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