Sunday, November 29, 2009


Oh, here's the link to Mrs. Marlow's blog. (It's easier than the other link.)


  1. Hey, thanks for posting the link! But yikes, it takes you to the OLD blog. I changed it so you can go grab the "code" again and it will go to the right blog this time. Sometimes I forget to copy stuff from my BLOGSPOT blog over to the HSB blog.

    Hey, I'm glad you like my new website design. It took awhile, but it is a lot more cheerful and colorful.

    Hmmm.... I'm not sure what you mean about fixing your Blogspot thing. You put up the header, didn't you? There is a "customize" where you can go into "fonts and colors" and experiment with different-colored backgrounds. Try it. If you can't, you can always give me your user-name and password, tell me which colors, and I can do it. But it's better if you learn yourself.

    As far as horses and things, BACKGROUNDS are really hard and I don't know how to do it over here on Blogspot (sigh). I got mine only because I followed step-by-step instructions from The Cutest Blog on the Block. You can google it. They give instructions and you can pick from REALLY CUTE designs. But you have to pick a different template here. I forget which one you have to use, but they tell you over on Cutest Blog on the Block.
    Experiment! :-)


  2. Hi Kendra!
    Hi Kendra!
    I left you a comment a few days ago on one of your other posts... Maybe you didn't get it.

    We sound pretty similar! I'm 12 too! When is your birthday? How old are all your siblings?

    I love your name. Kendra Lynne sounds so pretty!

    What is your favorite series? I have read so many books that I don't even know what is my favorite!

    What was your favorite part of being a misionary's daughter? My dad is a pastor. We live in the desert of AZ. It gets really hot here!

  3. P.S. :-)
    I just noticed that on your sidebar you have a link to the Jonathan Park website! Have you listened to all of them? We are halfway through the album called "The Journey Never Taken". We love the JP episodes!

  4. Hey, Kendra,
    I'm just now answering your question about "Who modeled Virgina?" from the post over on my blog. Well, nobody really. I found the picture on my Clip Art/graphics CD program that has about a gazillion clip arts and a ton of photos of LOTS of things. This was the closest I came to what Virginia might look like. And I made it B&W so it would look more old-fashioned. :-)


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