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Okay, here's the next part:

Suddenly, a voice, which Faith knew was Apollyon’s, cried out in an evil way,” Oh, my friends, you shall not die, oh, no, if you only pay a very small price.....”

“Mother, he’s just outside the cave!” cried Faith, throwing her arms around Mother.

Joshua, suddenly interested, exclaimed “Oh, what price shall I pay?”

Apollyon answered slyly, “You can have riches, peace, food, and a beautiful home if you simply give me your smallest child, Virginia.”

“Never will I hand her to you, Apollyon! Get out of my sight!” Father cried.

Apollyon laughed and said,” I shall leave for now my dear friends, but you shall see me soon.” Faith heard his wings flapping and his evil laugh as he flew away. Then she buried her head in Mother’s lap.


Justice sat up from his blanket on the floor. “What is that noise?” He thought, standing up. “It sounds like a cry! Why, it’s Virginia crying! But she sounds so far away.” Justice ran to the entrance of the cave and yelled,” Virginia, Virginia!” The cry was gone now. He looked where Virginia slept. She was gone.


Liberty peeked out of the cave and tried to choke back her sobs. Virginia was gone. Everyone in the cave knew Apollyon had her somewhere. Apollyons’ footprints had been seen that morning and there was smoke from his breath also. Liberty would probably never see that sweet little face again. “Unless.......we searched and found her.” thought Liberty, staring out of the cave,”Father and Mother wouldn’t let us go out were Apollyon could get us. Oh, why did Virginia ever have to be taken?” Liberty cried, and then she turned and sat by the fire.


“Father and Mother won’t like it, Joshua. Why don’t we just wait ‘till Father finds us some food and he can leave be himself? ” Liberty asked, whispering, because she didn’t want to wake her parents.

“Listen, Liberty, who knows when Father is going to find food? We need to find Virginia NOW, before Apollyon does something to her!” Joshua said.

“I don’t like the thought of running away to find Virginia. It’s disobeying our parents! Besides it’s awful cold outside and we don’t have food!

As you can see, I changed it up a little. Like the dragon's name and some other stuff.

Thanks to Mrs. Marlow, who is helping me with this story. Here is the link to her blog: www.circlecadventures.blogspot.com

Hope you like it and please tell me what you think should change to make it better!

-Kendra K.

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Wondering when I'll post that story about the missionary kids? Well, your gonna have to wait.
I'm entering a story contest, and I'm working on that right now. But.......... I'll be posting parts then the whole story that I'm entering in the contest. Below is the first part:

Faith shivered. She was cold and hungry. It was dark and smelly in the cave she was living in with her family. Oh, how Faith wished she was home. She could not though, because her home was destroyed. It was destroyed by the great and powerful dragon, named Satan. Satan who had yellow eyes, long shiny teeth, thick scales, long tail, and fire coming out of its mouth scared the entire village. Most people had died of starvation or of Satan. Faith and her family of ten had been fortunate to have at least a cave to stay in and a few pieces of bread.

Suddenly, Faith’s brother, Joshua interrupted her thoughts. “Mother, we’re out of bread!” he cried. Mother’s face went pale in the light of the fire. “Oh, what ever shall we do?” cried Liberty and Jubilee, Faith’s older sisters. “We shall all die.” said Father, sadly and calmly. The family was silent as they thought of what awaited them.

This might change some later, but I thought you guys would like to see it as it turns into a story.

I'll post more later,

Kendra K.

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Children in Asia

Hey Guys,
I think you should check out these videos. They are so sad.
Kendra K.

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Nehemiah Paul, my little brother . Left to right:Mom,Anna,Henry,Dad,Me,
Nehemiah, Heidi, Max, Samuel, and Petra. Well ever, not everybody was looking at the camera. Guess it's too hard with 10 people!

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Here are some pictures of me at a camping out sleepover. These were taken last summer. We had so much fun!
(I'm the one in the overalls.)
Kendra K.

Story Comin' Soon!

Soon I am going to post a story about missionary kids. Since my four little brothers, three little
sisters and I have all been missionary kids, (Except Nehemiah, he was in Mom's tummy when we
came back a year ago) it's easier for my to write a story about it. Oh, and the story is about my family!
I will keep adding parts 'till the story is finished! So......... keep checking for more parts!!!
Kendra K.

The Adventures of a Missionary Kid , Part 1

Sorry I didn't post the story when I said I would! Anyways, no one asked about it, and here it is! I meant to write more, but I'm working on something else.
If there's any mistakes, please tell me. The grammar/spell check hasn't been working for some reason.

Story #1

Six-year-old Kendra Kiser looked at the roof of the chicken coop. Kendra sighed and wished that she were allowed to climb on top of it. Her little brother Samuel often climbed it. But then Kendra recalled how many times Samuel’s yells had been heard from the laundry room. Kendra thought he was probably getting spanked. So Kendra stayed satisfied by simply climbing the small red-bud tree that she was in right now. Kendra lifted her hand and wiped the sweat from her forehead. Crash! Kendra fell to the ground, a little dizzy.

“Ouch.” She mumbled, “That hurt. But I’m fine.” Kendra stood up and dusted off her yellow shorts. The sun was setting in the summer sky and light was shining in the Kiser’s little yard. Kendra ran to the wire fence that surrounded the yard. She leaned over it and looked at their neighbors’ garden. Mr. Hollenbeck had big watermelons this year.

“Kendra! It’s time for dinner!”

“Yes Mom, I’m coming!” Kendra ran past the two bad-bearing apple trees and into the door which lead to the laundry room. The screen door slammed shut and Kendra bounded into the kitchen and then into the dining room.

“Mom, why are we eating so late? It’s seven o’clock!” Asked Kendra, giving a slide and smoothly landing into her seat next to Samuel.

Mom looked at Dad and smiled.

“We decided to eat later so Dad could eat with us. He worked a little longer at FCA today.” Mom pushed her glasses into place and put on baby Max’s bib. Then slowly she sat down because of her large pregnant belly.

Tall Dad sat down next to little sister Anna and pushed her curls back, so they wouldn’t get into her face when she was eating. Then Dad bowed his and so did everyone else. Then he prayed, “Dear heavenly Father, we thank you for this food, and please help it to make us strong and healthy. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Samuel opened his eyes when Dad was done “Oh, Mom, you made pizza!” Samuel looked down at his plate excitedly.

“I got the “Happy Birfday Pwate”! Three-year-old Anna smiled because she had the ‘best’ plate. Everyone (except Mom) always thought it was great fun to get the plate.

“I dot it yeserday, right, Mommy?” Max asked.

“You sure did, buddy.” Mom answered, taking a bite of her homemade pizza.

Kendra nudged Samuel. “Did Max fall down today?” Samuel and Kendra joked about Max falling down because he fell a lot. Max always had a scar on his head someplace.

Samuel had his mouth full. “I don’t know, probably.” He grinned.

“What do you want to do tomorrow?” Kendra asked.

“Tomorrow is school.” Samuel said.

Kendra said, “Oh, yeah. I forgot. Well, then what do you want to do after school? Find walnuts? Catch spiders? I have a jar that Mom gave me. Maybe we can play chase.”

Samuel shrugged. “Sure, but I thought we could go to the park. Or play baseball.”

“I’m tired of baseball,” Kendra said, “We play it all the time. ‘Sides, we need more people to play!”

“Max can play too! And Anna, then we’d be even.” Was the answer from Samuel.

Kendra rolled her eyes. “You know Anna wouldn’t play. And all Max’s balls all go out of bounds! Anna and Max are too little.”

“Maybe Dad can play.” Samuel argued.

“Kids, eat your pizza. Say, Brian, what are we going to play tonight?” Mom asked.

“How about...hide’n’seek?” Dads’ eyes sparkled.

“Yes!” The four Kiser children yelled.

“But first,” Dad said, “Do your chores.” His eyes twinkled.

The children nodded and Kendra hopped up from her chair. “May I please be excused?” She asked.

Samuel grinned. “Looks like you’ve already gotten up!”

Kendra smiled and sat down.

Mom looked at her. “You may get down, Kendra. And the rest of you can, too.”

“Kay.” Anna got up and went into the kitchen. Samuel and Kendra followed her.

“I want to wipe the table. Samuel, you can sweep. And Anna, you..um..clear the table. Okay?” Kendra grabbed a rag.

Samuel made a face. “But I don’t want to sweep! Anna can.”

Kendra gave him a “but-that’s-how-it-goes” look.

Anna shrugged. “I tant sweep yet. I ony free. See?” She held up three fingers.

“Yes, I know. See, Samuel, you have to sweep!” Kendra smiled triumphantly.

“No! I don’t! You can!”

“I already claimed to wipe off the table!”

“You always get that! I-“

Dad’s voice rang into the kitchen. “Kendra, Samuel! Go sit on your bed!”

Kendra looked down, ashamed. Samuel marched off to his room. Kendra followed. “Samuel I-“ It was too late. Samuel slammed his door. Click, went the lock. Kendra stomped her foot. All she wanted to do was say sorry! “It’s all Samuel’s fault! He’s way too prideful!” Kendra marched off to her own room, right across the hall-way. She threw herself on her old bed. “Every body is so mean to me!” Knock knock. Someone was at Kendra’s door. Kendra sat up and said, “Come in!”

The door cracked open and Anna’s rosy cheeks peeked through. “You okay?”

Kendra said, “No. Samuel’s mean. Please go away!”

Anna brushed her curls aside. “Can’t.” She said sweetly, “Mommy told me to put my PJ’s on.”

“Oh, shucks.” Mumbled Kendra, “Well then, do it quick.”

Anna walked in opened her dresser. “You know, everybody is not so mean to you. Dere are lots of dugs-“

“Girls, Anna! You need to stop using the word ‘dugs’ and say ‘girls’!” Kendra corrected.

“Alright. Dere are lots of girls that don’t have a daddy and mommy. Day are hungy.” Anna looked at Kendra.

“What does that have to do with Samuel being mean?” Demanded Kendra.

Anna said, “Well, I meant stop saying dat everybody is being mean. You have a good home.”

“Okay. Well, thanks for the sermon, Miss Anna! Could you please leave? I want to think.” Kendra tried not to get mad.

Anna walked to the door. “’Kay. I’ll leave. ‘bye!” She left and shut the door. Kendra sighed. There were lots of children that didn’t have a good home like she did.

“I was wrong. God, please forgive me.” Kendra said. She went over to the window that overlooked the neighborhood. Then she looked at her door. She needed to say sorry to Samuel. Kendra tip-toed across the hall and cracked open the boys’ room door. “Hello?” She said. Samuel was sitting on his bed facing the wall. He turned around.

“Yeah? What do you want?” He asked.

Kendra opened the door, walked in, and closed the door. “I..uh..I’m sorry for fighting with you. I shouldn’t have been so selfish. I’m the oldest, and I’m supposed to be a good example to you, Anna, and Max. I didn’t do a good job on that tonight. Will you forgive me?”

Samuel looked down. “Well...it was mostly my fault; I shouldn’t have been so stubborn. And I shouldn’t have ignored you before when you wanted to say sorry. I’ll forgive you. Will you forgive me too?”

“Oh, sure! Say, how about a game of baseball tomorrow?” Kendra grinned.

Hope you liked it! Sorry about the fight part, but Samuel and I used to fight a lot. We don't do it as much now.

The facts and characters are true, but I'm not so sure exactly what we said and all.

See ya!