Thursday, October 29, 2009

Give Away!!!

This time,you won't get the "give away prize". This time,YOU will give away money to
people in Asia! (That is, if you want to.)
Here are the rules;
1)Look online at www.gospelforasia.com and decide which ministry to give to.
2) Send how ever much money you want to give to Gospel For Asia.
3) Send a message telling me that you sent money to Gospel For Asia.My e-mail address is ismikendra@gmail.com . Then,if you like send me your mail address and I will sign you up to receive FREE updates and magazines from another Christian ministry called "Voice of the Martyrs".
Kendra Kiser


  1. This blog is neat. I had no idea that you could do something like this. I mean, I know that you are smart enough, but I did not know that you knew this much about computers.
    It is encouraging for me to read this and about the contest.
    Good night. Love, Mom

  2. You are not wrong about the age Andi got Taffy. In the original book, Long Ride Home (written years and years ago), I did write she was six. But when I started writing the chapter books for little kids, I thought having a 5-year-old heroine was a bit young, so I upped her age. Only the true "fans" like you will even notice. :-)
    Good catch and I'll change it on the blog sometime, but I can't change the LRH book.

  3. And I answered your question about the kids' ages in the comments. So you can go read it. :-)


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